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AL-200/300/400 Aluminum hand impulse sealer

The sealing machine design compact, small size, suitble for a variety of small packages sealed plastic bags, widely used in food, medicine, stationery, chemical and other industries.


The sealer is easy to be operated and suitable to seal various kinds of plastic films, with the heating time adjustable. It starts working just by turning on the power supply. An impulse sealer is used to close the open edge of a bag before heat shrinking the bag. This simple process has just a few steps:

(1) place item in bag,(2) use sealer to make a new seam so contents are completely encased, (3) use heat gun to shrink bag. 
    It's impulse type. Machine only uses power and gets hot when seal arm is depressed to seal a bag. Cools immediately after sealing.

1.We always test the machine one by one, make sure it works well before leaves our factory.


2.Any question, we will supply technical support and headling method or make a video show you when you need help.


3.We offer 1 year guarantee for new machine since it leaves factory(within guarantee), we offer free part and send it to you, you just pay the Express cost

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