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We provide service for domestic and foreign clients with a documentary, export customs declaration and other services, We sincerely hope to cooperate with you, to bring you the most satisfactory business trip.

1.Professional translation merchandiser -- we have the most familiar with the major wholesale markets, fluent spoken English&Spanish translators and help you to secure your most satisfied with the order, give your most satisfied with the most professional level of service.

2.We could help you to book hotel accommodation, air tickets and other one-stop service, so you will not travel to bring the various concessions, save your time, money, so that you feel comfortable and convenient.

3.We follow the customer is God's purpose, to provide the most preferential prices, the best quality service.

4.We would do searching product information according to our client's needs before , to ensure that guests have more product information, the choice of buying.

5.We would be enthusiastic to provide you with more channels of ordering, whether online negotiations, factory orders, or market orders, we will make adequate preparations for you.

6.After the completion of the order process, we have a professional QC according to the requirements of the guests to strictly check the quality of the goods, to ensure that the interests of the guests.

7.At the same time, in accordance with your request, for your arrangement best way of exports and shipment, strive to in the shortest possible time for cargo security, quickly arrived at your port.

8.provide the complete set of export documents as soon as possible, including packing list, invoice, bill of lading and other documents, so that you have no worries in your country.