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Crane and truck first

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Update time : 2020-02-12 13:34:11

To motor-reducer improve gearbox  its slewing bearing operations  gearbox Roos motor-reducer Kunststof Rijplaten motor-reducer Rental from The Hague gearbox, Netherlands, has gearbox a gearbox new slewing bearing Volvo truck with an motor-reducer Epsilon crane, gearbox both operated gearbox remotely from one transmitter.

The gearbox temporary motor-reducer roadway gearbox company’s new Volvo FMX 460 8 x 2 tridem motor-reducer truck is mounted gearbox with a 17 tonne-metre rated Palfinger motor-reducer Epsilon hydraulic loader gearbox crane. The vehicle is used for motor-reducer the installation and removal gearbox of large plastic temporary motor-reducer roadway sheets laid at gearbox events to protect the ground gearbox underneath. One motor-reducer remote gearbox control is used to operate slewing bearing motor-reducer both. It is gearbox the first Volvo gearbox truck in the Netherlands motor-reducer with this option, Volvo gearbox said. The customised motor-reducer solution was motor-reducer developed by gearbox the dealer, Volvo Group Truck motor-reducer Center, Palfinger and Drimote.

Bas gearbox van Nierop, motor-reducer Roos gearbox Kunststof Rijplaten Rental co-owner, commented motor-reducer, “The plastic gearbox road plates must fit seamlessly together, so it is important gearbox to lay them accurately.”

It gearbox used to motor-reducer be that the driver gearbox had to gearbox use two different remote controls, one to operate the gearbox crane and the motor-reducer other to motor-reducer move the truck forwards and backwards.  To gearbox  simplify the work for the driver, motor-reducer van motor-reducer Nierop said he wanted to slewing drive gearboxbring the operation gearbox of the truck and crane motor-reducer slewing drive together in one remote gearbox control.

“We slewing bearing  have been working  slewing drive with it for some time now and the experience is very positive,” slewing drive van Nierop continued. “This solution is particularly slewing drive useful when installing road plates slewing drive for events, often over large  slewing bearing surface slewing bearing areas. The truck must be slewing drive moved every two or three ramps. The fact that everything can now slewing drive be done with a single slewing bearing remote slewing drive control not only slewing bearing makes work easier for the driver, it also means work can be carried out faster and productivity slewing drive increases.”

Systems installed to slewing slewing bearing drive ensure slewing drive safety during operation include an object detection sensor to monitor the front of the truck and activate the brake slewing drive when slewing bearing an object is slewing bearing detected. In addition slewing drive, the vehicle brakes slewing bearing slewing bearing immediately if communication between the remote control and receiver is interrupted. An slewing bearing emergency stop button is also fitted.

Also fitted is slewing drive the slewing drive electronically-controlled Volvo Dynamic Steering power steering system and the I-Shift gearbox. The latter optimised with off-road software slewing bearing for better capability in the slewing drive rough. Manouevrability is slewing bearing improved by the electro-hydraulically controlled leading and trailing axles, Volvo said, slewing bearing while the tridem configuration helps with axle slewing drive load slewing drive distribution.

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