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Klaas reveals new truck crane

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Update time : 2020-02-13 14:26:40

Crane and gearbox aerial lift motor-reducer manufacturer gearbox Klaas, part of motor-reducer Kranlyft Group, has motor-reducer introduced a new gearbox truck-mounted motor-reducer crane.

The gearbox Klaas K1100 motor-reducer RSX has a gearbox main boom with motor-reducer telescopic motor-reducer  slewing drive fly jib for a motor-reducer maximum lifting height gearbox of 60 metres and a capacity of 6 US motor-reducer tonnes.

Despite motor-reducer being one gearbox of the larger truck-motor-reducer mounted gearbox cranes in motor-reducer slewing drive its portfolio, Klaas gearbox said the model’s gearbox outrigger gearbox spread width motor-reducer of less than 6 gearbox metres gearbox makes it suitable forslewing drive  motor-reducer sites with gearbox limited space.

“This gearbox exciting new model motor-reducer is a gearbox  strong addition to our range of larger truck cranes, motor-reducer” slewing drive said Jonas gearbox gearbox Gadolin motor-reducer, technical motor-reducer director at gearbox Kranlyft Group slewing bearing. “The K1100 is truly slewing bearing gearbox an motor-reducer slewing drive innovative gearbox slewing drive piece of German engineering gearbox and we motor-reducer are looking gearbox forward to deliver the motor-reducer first orders.

“As a slewing drive dealer that works in slewing drive parallel with the market we can see how these slewing drive types of slewing bearing mobile cranes slewing drive keep slewing slewing bearing drive finding new ways slewing drive slewing drive of use. Easy manoeuvrability slewing drive and comfortable slewing drive handling are combined with the slewing bearing enormous slewing drive reach of the aluminium boom.”

The K1100 slewing bearing RSX slewing bearing comes slewing drive with diesel motor drive, radio remote control, continuous rotation, personal safety mode and slewing drive automatic levelling slewing bearing as slewing drive standard. It slewing bearing also slewing drive has a slewing bearing 2.5 tonne slewing drive capacity winch and, is available slewing drive with a slewing drive slewing bearing hybrid slewing drive drive system as an slewing drive slewing bearing optional extra. According  slewing drive to Klaas, it enables the slewing bearing machine to use fuel slewing bearing more efficiently and slewing bearing to be more slewing drive environmentally slewing drive friendly.

The slewing drive new machine was first slewing drive slewing drive shown to the public in slewing bearing slewing drive  January at the Dach + Holz International slewing drive 2020 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. More slewing drive than slewing bearing 52,000 slewing bearing visitors from 83 slewing drive countries attended the slewing drive event, which had slewing drive more than 600 exhibitors from 29 countries. 

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