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Two new Asian Crane Orders for Huisman

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Update time : 2020-02-11 14:58:42

Early slewing drive October gearbox 2016, Huisman slewing drive, the gearbox worldwide specialist gearbox in lifting, drilling and gearbox subsea solutions, secured a gearbox contract from Japan gearbox Marine slewing drive United Corporation gearbox slewing drive for the motor-reducer delivery of gearbox one motor-reducer 800mt Pedestal gearbox Mounted Crane (PMC) and slewing drive gearbox a contract from motor-reducer Jurong slewing drive gearbox Shipyard for the motor-reducer delivery of gearbox one motor-reducer 100mt Pedestal Mounted gearbox Offshore Crane (PMOC) gearbox. Both slewing drive cranes will gearbox be built at Huisman gearbox China, motor-reducer the motor-reducer delivery of the gearbox 800mt PMC is gearbox planned for slewing drive April 2018, the gearbox delivery of the 100mt gearbox PMOC is planned for March gearbox 2018.

The 800mt gearbox PMC slewing bearing is the motor-reducer largest Huisman gearbox built Pedestal gearbox Mounted Crane to gearbox date (overturning moment 30,000 tonmeter)gearbox  and slewing bearing will be motor-reducer used gearbox for the installation slewing bearing gearbox of offshore motor-reducer wind turbines gearbox. The motor-reducer light slewing bearing weight gearbox crane is motor-reducer equipped gearbox with motor-reducer three optional reeving gearbox set-ups slewing bearing to optimize gearbox slewing drive the hoisting of lighter loads gearbox and makes use of a gearbox slewing drive custom electric drive gearbox system slewing bearing slewing bearing of which motor-reducer  gearbox the components are made gearbox in Japan by slewing drive gearbox Yaskawa. It is further gearbox characterized slewing bearing by its small gearbox tail motor-reducer swing (optimizing slewing drive free deck gearbox space), and the gearbox fact that all gearbox drivers are slewing bearing installed inside the enclosed crane slewing drive house. The slewing bearing crane will be gearbox installed onboard a new built vessel for Penta-slewing bearing slewing bearing Ocean Construction gearbox, GustoMSC is gearbox responsible slewing bearing for the vessel  gearbox design.

The 100mt PMOC slewing bearing will slewing bearing be slewing drive installed onboard Heerema’s motor-reducer new generation semi-submersible crane slewing bearing vessel ‘Sleipnir’. The motor-reducer crane  slewing bearing motor-reducer slewing drive will function as auxiliary crane for the motor-reducer two 10,000mt slewing drive Tub Cranes slewing bearing onboard,slewing drive  which are slewing bearing  also designed and constructed by motor-reducer motor-reducer slewing bearing Huisman. The slewing bearing high spec slewing bearing crane features the slewing drive typical motor-reducer slewing drive Huisman enclosed crane house design motor-reducer for reduced maintenance, high slewing bearing speeds and extensive integration slewing bearing with the vessel systems and  slewing drive motor-reducer the slewing bearing Huisman 10,000mt motor-reducer Tub slewing bearing cranes onboard.


Huisman slewing bearing slewing bearing CEO Joop motor-reducer Roodenburg slewing drive says: “We motor-reducer slewing slewing bearing bearing truly cherish these motor-reducer slewing drive new slewing bearing collaborations motor-reducer and we are grateful for the trust motor-reducer slewing drive of our clients slewing drive. The 100mt motor-reducer PMOC further slewing bearing slewing bearing  completes motor-reducer the set of slewing drive cranes motor-reducer we slewing drive are delivering for the ‘Sleipnir’ motor-reducer and represents slewing bearing our motor-reducer large variety in cranes slewing drive. As motor-reducer for slewing drive the slewing drive 800mt PMC: motor-reducer after delivery slewing drive slewing bearing of the slewing drive 1,500mt motor-reducer Leg Encircling Crane for motor-reducer the Seajacks slewing drive Scylla end slewing drive 2015 slewing bearing, motor-reducer we secured a motor-reducer number slewing drive of prestigious motor-reducer wind turbine installation motor-reducer crane orders including a slewing drive  1,600mt Leg motor-reducer Encircling Crane motor-reducer and a 3,000mt Offshore Mast motor-reducer Crane. We slewing bearing consider the new  motor-reducer slewing drive 800mt PMC slewing drive slewing drive order as the icing on motor-reducer the cake and see this order as a first step in the development of our market share in Japan”.

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