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Konecranes wins its largest-ever order for reach stackers

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Update time : 2020-05-22 10:24:52

Konecranes motor-reducer gearbox won its motor-reducer gearbox largest-ever motor-reducer reach stacker gearbox motor-reducer contract from motor-reducer a customer in gearbox motor-reducer Germany. The contract gearbox is motor-reducer for the motor-reducer delivery gearbox of gearbox motor-reducer 39 Konecranes gearbox SMV 2216 motor-reducer TC3 gearbox reach motor-reducer stackers motor-reducer with gearbox motor-reducer modifications to allow motor-reducer for the stacking gearbox of motor-reducer 22-ton, motor-reducer 16-ton and 6-ton gearbox motor-reducer containers.

Deliveries motor-reducer gearbox are gearbox scheduled to begin motor-reducer in gearbox Q3 slewing drive 2020 and gearbox run gearbox until Q1 2021 gearbox motor-reducer.

“This slewing drive was a long-negotiated contract that involved slewing drive many people slewing drive  across the slewing bearing organization, and we slewing bearing are pleased with the result and grateful slewing drive for the work done with our partner, slewing bearing Richter Fördertechnik GmbH & Co.slewing drive  KG,” said slewing bearing Ralf slewing bearing  slewing bearing Gowin, sales manager Germany slewing bearing for Konecranes slewing bearing Lift slewing bearing Trucks.

“We slewing drive are honoured to have slewing bearing received slewing  slewing bearing drive this, slewing drive our largest reach slewing drive stacker slewing bearing order ever. Germany is a very slewing drive important market for us, and this slewing drive slewing drive particular order shows great trust in our service slewing drive slewing bearing support. The cooperation slewing drive with Richter was key to the awarding of this contract,” said slewing bearing Patrik Starck, regional  slewing drive sales director Europe at slewing bearing Konecranes slewing drive Lift Trucks.

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